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Week of January 1st Sprints: (All times EST)

Jan 1: 8-11pm
Jan 2: 5-11am
Jan 3: 8-11pm
Jan 4: 8-11am and 11pm-2am
Jan 5: 12-7pm

All sprints will be held over at http://www.chatzy.com/writingsprints and the hosts are as varied as their personalities. So come, enjoy, and make your new years writing resolution a reality!
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I tried posting this yesterday at [livejournal.com profile] janowrimo, but it never went through, so the awesome mods here have allowed me to get started on this thing right here. They also said anyone is welcome to join over at [livejournal.com profile] allyear_sprints if you want to participate in their daily sprints. I joined up earlier and am just awaiting approval.

I've sounded the call on my own facebook and in the [livejournal.com profile] nanowrimo community, and by my count there are now 22 Let's Do It!s and 4 Maybes.

There is also the official JaNoWriMo forum, which I'm not actually a member of. I don't do well with a ton of different boards, which is why I gravitated to livejournal. I'm really glad to have found so many people here who are willing to do it with me though. Thank you! I hope I can stick with it all month this time. I've done this once before several years ago, but I only lasted a week or two.

I thought it would be nice if we had an intro post and maybe brainstorm some ideas about sprints or word wars or anything else we can do to egg each other on. Here's a little intro template, but feel free to bypass that if it's not your thing. I guess I'll fill mine out in the comments.


Location/Time Zone:


WIP synopsis:

Have you done Na/JaNoWriMo before:

Tell a bit about yourself:

What would be most helpful to you during JaNo?

Looking for new LJ friends or Keep it to the community:

I'm pretty flaky during any write-like-mad month, so I can't promise to adequately keep up with daily posts at all. I'll give it a good go though. If anyone else wants to jump right in and help get this wagon rolling, please feel free! My schedule is iffy since I have little ones. I'll do my best to stick with it as much as I can all month though!
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Okay, since it seems a lot of people are lost on staying motivated in writing, I'm going to offer you a chance to join a new writing/sprinting/motivation (mainly motivation) group I just started.

[livejournal.com profile] dz_writing

Everyone is welcome! The goal is to stay on top of our writing goals. It's kind of in "beta testing" right now, but the more people who can help work out kinks the better. :)
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Hello, friends!

I worked out a good chunk of a new storyline in The Dragon Alliance for NaNo this year. It's still not done, as I've had to focus on the house all December to make up for November's lack of doing darn near anything. Things are settling down now...and I think I'm going to do JaNoWriMo. I really want to bust out my apocalyptic survivalist/prepper story, Neon Giraffe (working title). The husband is a bit disappointed that I did The Dragon Alliance for the second year in a row, as he's apparently pretty excited about the Neon Giraffe idea. So looks like I'll have some good support at home if I try to get cracking on this thing next month.

I posted to the [livejournal.com profile] janowrimo community yesterday, but no one's posted there since 2010, and I've gotten no response yet. I had better luck on my FB, where I've recruited a couple of friends to do it with me, and a few more are contemplating it.

NaNo works for me primarily because of all the support & camaraderie. I'd love to give it another go if anyone wants to join us! I will even 'cheat' and say go ahead and finish/edit/polish up your NaNo if you prefer. I'm just looking for folks who might want to write together for a while again. Please let me know! Thanks!
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Anyone else have that lost sort of feeling now that NaNo is done for another year? I completed my novel but have now moved onto editing because I'm not sure what else I *should* be doing, haha.

Posted via m.livejournal.com.

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30 days. 52,917 words. My first time doing NaNoWriMo...and I WON. I am in shock right now. Shock and relief. I am trying to let it sink in. It may not sink in until I get my winner shirt (which I ordered tonight).

I made this meme-ish picture to express my feelings. The picture is from an episode of a show I like called Victorious:


In the show she says "I am a police officer, and I am victorious!" because she was playing a police officer for a method acting exercise and managed to win the challenge of staying in character all the way to the end.

Coincidentially, I also said this out loud (with the arms up and everything) once I realized I won.

Thank you God and thank you NaNo community...I couldn't done this without either of you!


Nov. 30th, 2012 10:08 pm
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I did it!

I wanted to quit so many times! But I didnt and now all the hard work finally paid off.
Did it make me a better writer? no. Worse? no.
But It helped me prove to myself that If I'm determined I can do whatever I want!
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The final installment of Evening Sprints shall begin momentarily with me hosting! 

I hope to see you there to write, chat, hang out, whatever!!
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As the final Pump Up Friday as well as the final day of NaNo, I want to see your best celebratory gifs/pics/awesome in the comments because you all did it! You made it to the end, whether you wrote 50k or 5k it's more than you had on November 1st and I am proud of you. 

[identity profile] littlepretender.livejournal.com

Welp here it is, the final excerpt post. Share your favorite splice of your novel that you have written today along with your favorite that you have written all month!!! 

You all were fan-freaking-tastic and I loved seeing you reach your goals while we cheered you on in the chat and through comments on here. I hope you get a nice rest tomorrow and breathe a sigh of relief. 

Mod Steph (aka Padfoot [Steph] in chat!)

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Took me 8 years, but hey one of your rebel mods with a 7-year losing streak actually DID IT THIS YEAR!

So even if you haven't won or don't win this year (depending on where you are), celebrate what you did do.

Some of you had power issues, some of you had tech issues, some of you just discovered what you tried wasn't your style.

NaNo isn't just about the words. It's about finding your cheerleaders and doing some self-discovery as a writer. And sometimes it's about realizing that Life Happens, the good bits and the bad bits, and you cannot always keep all the balls in the air.

But look at how far you did come, even if it's under 2k. What you have is probably more than what you started with, yes? (And even if it isn't, I would think you have learned something about yourself anyway even if it's just "I am too busy in November" or "I overloaded myself on projects".) So run with what you have learned here and keep being awesome.

And I can honestly say I could not have done this without all of you.

Thank you all for being such an AWESOME community of fellow writers. :D

Mod Emmy aka brides_koneko
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Friday's Word Goal: 50,000!

It's the last day! Final push to get to the end! You can do it!
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All times are in US/Eastern (UTC -5)

Friday November 30
Sunrise Sprints 5-8am Emmy
Day Sprints 8-11am The Cloud
Day Sprints 12-3pm Sarah
Evening Sprints 8-11pm Steph
Late Night Sprints 11-2am Mel
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The end is near! Sadly, this is our second to last excerpt post. It has been a thrill reading everyone's little snippets and I can't wait to see what you all post in these last two days.

Just keep writing, you are awesome!
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51,705 words!

For a while there I didn't think I was going to be able to do it. Just before the start of NaNo I received word that my job transfer had gone through, so I've spent the entire month of November getting packed and re-homing my critter-cats. I had real life grab me up for one whole week and it took me a few days after that to get back into the groove of writing.

So, between packing, working full-time, and actually moving from Florida to Michigan, I have hit the goal! Now, to go find me some celebratory chocolate. I need it.

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Made it!!!  Story's not finished, but the 50k are down and validated.  Once I get done feeling blissfully happy for a bit, it will be time to get back to the story and finish it (hopefully that doesn't require an additional 50k words).  :)

Winner badge 180x180
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All times are in US/Eastern (UTC -5)

Thursday November 29
Sunrise Sprints 5-8am Emmy
Day Sprints 12-3pm Sarah
Day Sprints 4-7pm The Cloud
Evening Sprints 8-11pm Rachel
Late Night Sprints 11-2am Mel
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Thursday's Word Goal: 48,333

Only one more day left!
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Final count: 50,054

Novel's only a quarter done, but booyah! Second win ever. Now to celebrate with some Boy-made Hamburger Helper (my request) and Guinness Black. Living the high life, y'all.


Nov. 28th, 2012 03:27 pm
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Fifth year writing and this is my third win! I'm not even half way finished yet as the novel morphed into something unexpected in a good way and could go on for another 50K but at least now I can relax and do it at my own pace.

I have to admit writing with a strained tendon in the elbow is NOT easy, especially since I can only use my arm for a few hours a day but I managed, all the pain and struggle was worth it.

Phew! Now I can get to my volunteering job without worrying.

Thank you for all your wonderful support!


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