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Mar 4 11pm-2am
Mar 5 12-3pm
Mar 6 12-3pm; 8-11pm
Mar 7 12-3pm; 11pm-2am
Mar 8 12-3pm
Mar 9 none scheduled

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Sun Feb 17 8pm-1am (Adventure Sprints)
Mon Feb 18 4-7pm; 11pm-2am
Tues Feb 19 12-3pm
Wed Feb 20 12-3pm; 8pm-2am
Thurs Feb 21 4-7pm; 8-11pm
Fri Feb 22 12-3pm
Sat Feb 23 none scheduled

All sprints held in chatzy!

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Sun Feb 10 none scheduled
Mon Feb 11 11pm-2am
Tues Feb 12 12-3pm; 11pm-2am
Wed Feb 13 12-3pm; 11pm-2am
Thurs Feb 14 12-3pm; 8pm-2am
Fri Feb 15 12-3pm; Sleepover Party 7pm-5am
Sat Feb 16 8pm-11pm

All sprints held in chatzy.

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Sunday Feb 3 12-3pm; 8pm-11pm
Mon Feb 4 8-11am; 4-7pm; 8pm-2am
Tues Feb 5 12-3pm; 11pm-2am
Wed Feb 6 12-3pm; 8pm-2am
Thurs Feb 7 12-3pm; 4-7pm
Fri Feb 8 11pm-2am
Sat Feb 9 4-7pm

All sprints held in chatzy!


If you aren't already following [livejournal.com profile] allyear_sprints I highly recommend it! :)
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Jan 27 none scheduled
Jan 28 4-7pm; 8pm-2am
Jan 29 12-3pm; 8pm-2am
Jan 30 8pm-2am
Jan 31 8pm-2am
Feb 1st TBA
Feb 2nd TBA

All sprints will be held over on chatzy. :)


Reminder: If you're interested in joining up for 1/2 NaNo during February, go sign up and watch this!
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Day Sprints (4-7pm) is in session now with me (brides_koneko/Emmy)!

I will also be hosting Evening Sprints 8-11pm.

Come write!
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Jan 20 11pm-2am
Jan 21 4-7pm; 8pm-2am
Jan 22 8-11am; 12-3pm; 8-11pm
Jan 23 12-3pm; 4-7pm; 8pm-2am
Jan 24 4-7pm; 8pm-2am
Jan 25 12-3pm; 8pm-2am
Jan 26 8pm-2am

All sprints will be held over on chatzy. :)

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Sorry, been neglecting my word count posts on here...I did write but I just now got it all typed up.

The word counts for the 11th and 12th are iffy. I didn't mark clear spots in my handwritten manuscript as to where one day started and stopped on those days (usually I make a little mark between words or something so that I know). So I went by where I thought the changes were, usually indicated by a change in writing utensil (though not always). For the 13th through today the word counts are more definite because I was able to remember pretty well which writing was from what day.

Friday (1/11/13)'s Word Count: 534
Total Word Count: 7,103

Saturday (1/12/13)'s Word Count: 133
Total Word Count: 7,236

Sunday (1/13/13)'s Word Count: 456
Total Word Count: 7,692

Monday (1/14/13)'s Word Count: 566
Total Word Count: 8,258

Tuesday (1/15/13)'s Word Count: 38
Total Word Count: 8,296

Today (Wednesday 1/16) I didn't get anything written, even though I had the time. I tried to, but I just wasn't feeling it.

I'm 3,706 words behind where I should have been by today (Wednesday). With that plus the daily goal for tomorrow, I need to write 4,599 words to catch up. Hopefully I can make up for lost time tomorrow.
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If we ran a MINI nano camp during February who would participate? I'm thinking a 1/2 nano - 25k in 28 days. (893 words a day)

Anyone in? It would be a watered down version of our Summer camps. We'll have retreat centers instead of cabins and low, leisurely events.

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January 13: 12pm-7pm
January 14: 8am-7pm; 11pm-2am
January 15: 12-3pm; 8-2am
January 16: 12-3pm; 8-2am
January 17: 12-3pm
January 18: 12-3pm

All sprints will be held over on chatzy. :)

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I got a little ahead yesterday, so I was able to give myself a bit of a break today. Here's my word count:

Thursday's Word Count: 818
Total Word Count: 6,569

I only needed to get to 6,552 words today to stay caught up (factoring in the 92 extra words I wrote yesterday) but again I got caught up in the scene. I probably should've just kept writing, but I thought if I got too far ahead the numbers I wrote on my DIY goal sheet (fashioned after the one offered here for NaNo) wouldn't be of as much use to me. So I forced myself to stop, even though I was thinking of just finishing the chapter. It's my day off and I'm doing laundry - sheets included - so it's not like I wouldn't have had the time. Eh well.
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It's Day 9 of Janowrimo, and FINALLY I am caught up to where I need to be. Not having to work a late shift today helped, I think.

Wednesday's Word Count: 2,839
Total Word Count: 5,751

I only needed 2,747 to catch up; I got caught up in the scene. And, as a plus, I broke the 5k mark!

Going to make a goal chart for Janowrimo (starting with today's total) to make keeping track of where I need to be easier. I found that really helpful for NaNo.
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Ok, word count time.

Tuesday's Word Count: 664
Total Word Count: 2,912

Mind you, I needed 2,518 words today to catch up to where I should be by today to make the 25k goal. So this sort of low number is very disappointing to me. Where's the motivation I had during NaNoWriMo to churn out over 1k words a day? (It must have something to do with all the late shifts I'm having to work lately...plus I think I have a cold. So I have little energy I guess).

On the bright side, I'm almost at 3k.

So tomorrow I'll have to haul butt again to catch up, this time writing 2,747 words. *sigh*
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Ok need to catch up on my Janowrimo word counts on here.

So on Friday (1/4), my word count was:

Friday's Word Count: 961
Total Word Count: 1,953

A decent amount, but still behind where I needed to be because I was catching up from before.

And then I was bad and didn't write for two days. I had plans to write on the way to work on Saturday, but then I missed my bus and had to get a ride to work, and then things just didn't work out all day for me to write. On Sunday, when I had plenty of time to catch up, I spent time doing web design stuff instead. Which is also important but which cut into writing time.

Yesterday I finally got back to writing, though I didn't write much because I wasn't very motivated:

Monday (1/7/13)'s Word Count: 295
Total Word Count: 2,248

So yay I passed the 1k and 2k marks. If I did my math right, I need to write 2,518 words today in order to make up those two lost days (1,786 words) and the amount I needed to make up from being short on Friday (1,027 words). That actually totals 2,813 words, but I subtracted the words I wrote yesterday from that total to get 2,518. I appreciate any prayers and encouragement!
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I forgot to post my word count last night, mainly because I didn't have a chance to type up the stuff I wrote at work in a couple brief free moments. So here it is:

Thursday (1/3/13)'s Word Count: 691
Total Word Count: 992

Not too shabby, but not enough to meet my daily goal. I think this was partially because I was unable to write on the bus going to work because I forgot to bring a pen with me. Will try to remedy that today.

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For the sake of accountability, I'm going to be posting my JaNoWriMo daily word count here. I hope that's all right.

I'm still not sure what my target WC should be, though I'm thinking 25k since I want to give myself some time to get caught up on my web design and other pursuits, something I didn't have the luxury of back in November. And also time to finish the prep work that didn't get done last October.

So...today's word count:

Wednesday (1/2/13)'s Word Count: 176
Total Word Count: 307

I was off work today, so I intended to write a lot more today, but I slept in super late, and I ended up spending hours playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl (which I got when I exchanged the WiiU game my brother bought me for Christmas by accident, not knowing the Wii and the WiiU are not the same thing) instead. The little writing I did get done I did when I got stuck in this one spot and texted my brother to ask how to get out of it - since he was ahead of me on that mode of the game - and was waiting for him to text back.

So, if I start tomorrow with the 25k word count, I'll have to write 893 words (well, 892.857142857; I rounded) a day to meet it by January 31st. That sounds reasonable, right? If I get back to my 30-minute sprints of trying to write 500 words every morning, that will knock off over half of it right there.

Happy 2nd/3rd day of JaNoWriMo!

Edit 1/3/13: Just realized that I only got 307 because Word also counted the 6 words making up the title I made for the document. I should have selected just the novel text itself for the count. Oops. So my actual total word count as of 1/2/13 is actually 301. Sorry about that.

Also, I added a little bar to my journal to show my JaNoWriMo progress, using the new HTML5 <progress> tag, since we don't have those official little word count widgets like we did for NaNoWriMo. You can find out how to do it here. Word of caution: the <progress> tag is not supported in IE or Safari, so if you view my journal in one of those browsers, the progress bar will not appear, though the text with the actual word count will. I will add a fallback right now for those browsers.
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I didn't see an official word count post this time around, so I'm posting my own post. Please let me know if that is not allowed.

I kind of forgot about JaNoWriMo until last night (New Year's Eve), and due to working on other things and having to go into work tonight, I didn't get to writing until just before midnight on January 1st/2nd. Oh and also I had had to print out and paste the part of chapter 7 that wasn't in my handwritten MS notebook into it, which took some time.

Anyway, in an effort to once again write every day, I set a 10-minute timer and wrote. So here's the count:

Tuesday's Word Count (1/1/13): 125
Total Word Count: 125

Although I am continuing my NaNo novel, I'm starting a fresh word count, since I figured we were supposed to do that. Or not. Not sure how JaNoWriMo works. Is there a word count to shoot for like with NaNo? Or are we all just setting our own word count goals this time? I suppose I could go for 50k again. If anyone knows the answer to this, please mention it in the comments.

Hope everyone's doing well in JaNoWriMo land!
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Members who harass others in the chat, through email, Livejournal, Facebook or any other social media will be permanently banned. This behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Our rules have not changed nor relaxed since the end of NaNoWriMo. We ask that you respect our rules and our mods. The goal of the chat is to be a fun and safe space for writers to be creative, support their fellow writers, and write. Thank you.


Jan. 1st, 2013 08:05 am
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It's on! Who has Wordcount already?

Not me! My computer is broken. Yaaaaay. Well, the screen, anyway. I can use it if I plug into the TV, which I can only do in the wee hours of the morning or night, because I can't do anything with the whole fams watching over my shoulder. I'm still planning on doing this JaNo thing though! I will just pull up my trusty Open Office on the TV and then go type in my room, dark-style. Less chance of editing that way!

Unfortunately, I may not be able to commit to daily posts. Please feel free to jump in and do them if you're around!

It also looks like I might not be able to participate in as many sprints as I'd hoped. Hopefully the mods won't mind if I hang out in the chatzy room even if no official sprints are going. I expect to get online time either before 7-8 am (I'm central time, an hour behind EST) or from 10-12 pm. So I'll be around if anyone wants to write together!

Haven't started my project, Neon Giraffe, yet. Been catching up on my posts & emails, but I'm about to go get cracking. I figure out the new wordcount (extra day, legitimate YAY!) & had planned to make a calendar, but not sure when I'll get to that. Today's goal is 1613 (I round up).

Happy Noveling!


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